Sunday, July 26, 2009

The Business of Writing I

"An Itty Bitty Column on Writing" by Mindy Phillips Lawrence
From Sharing with Writers (Carolyn Howard-Johnson)
July 21, 2009

We’d rather forget, but we can’t. Writing is a business as well as a creative endeavor. The way we keep our records, log our submissions and prepare for the inevitability of taxes shows whether we are professionals or not.

In the next few issues of Sharing with Writers, I’m going to talk about ways to organize what you do and become the true professional that you were meant to be. Why? Because I need to know this information, too.

Let’s start with organizing our work area. Oh, yes, I know it’s never completely organized, but the better job you do at keeping things together the more time you have to write.

I hope you have a cozy nook where you can write. If you have a spare bedroom you can convert into an office, congratulations. If not, find a corner of a room (or a basement) where you can work. You simply must have a dedicated area. I use the second bedroom in my little duplex. Make sure you have space for your computer, printer and shelves filled with good reference books. I have four bookshelves crammed with volumes and a closet that I converted into a supply room for paper, folders, and so forth.
So get your act together! Next issue well take the next step.
Happy organizing!


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What a great approach to pre-publicity. Telling people what's next. (-: YOu are great, Mindy.

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