Monday, May 19, 2008

INTO WORD - An Itty Bitty Column on Writing!

"An Itty Bitty Column on Writing" by Mindy Phillips Lawrence
From Sharing with Writers (Carolyn Howard-Johnson)
May 18, 2008

Lit Pimp

I shared an article I saw on the Internet with one of my clients, the most sophisticated, intelligent person I can think of. The article talked about literary agency being a lot like acting as a pimp for someone’s books. Did my client get upset when I sent that article to him? Not at all. He told me to “pimp away.” And what did I do? I reached back in the depths of my closet and pulled out my stiletto heels and red dress. In other words, I got busy.

Pimping may be a strong term with a bad connotation, but writing is hard work. Finding someone to encourage you through that process is heavenly. That’s where a really good agent comes in. If you plan to act as your own agent, there are several books on the market that will tell you the process. One is HOW TO BE YOUR OWN LITERARY AGENT by Richard Curtis. However, only a good agent knows how to go to bat for you when contract time rolls around. Better set aside time to learn the rudiments of law associated with publication if you plan on representing yourself.

A good blog to read on the subject belongs to literary agent, Kristin Nelson. PubRant.Blogspot.Com covers a great deal of information on contracts –enough that you see that you’ll need professional help. Another is a blog by agent Terry Whalin called The Writing Life.

Or – if you’re brave – find a former student to help you like my client did. I’m finally learning how to balance in my 6-inch heels.

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Blog of Kristin Nelson of the Nelson Agency

The Writing Life
Blogspot of Literary Agent, Terry Whalin

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Mindy Phillips Lawrence is publicist and literary agent for Dr. Dan Skelton and representative for the fiction work of Bev Walton - Porter. She is in the process of researching a novel titled ALONE IS WHERE WE BEGIN.